Actively Shaping the Future – Automotive Color Trends 2019-20

It’s time to act! Society is constantly changing, a result of digitalization and its impact on everyone’s lives. Consequently, people actively shape the future. While young people no longer commit to conventional life goals of financial success and a well-established social position, they question concepts of gender or status through new products and styles. The generation of highly connected digital natives use their networks and skills to overcome the pain points of over saturated markets with daring concepts of services and products.

Trends around progress and innovation mirror the fascination with technological advancement shift to an awareness of original human needs and capabilities. With the unmanageable complexity of digitalization in people’s lives, intelligent devices concentrate on the intuitive and pure human ability to influence the direction of progress.

Positive attitude towards upcoming challenges

BASF’s color designers translated observations on technological trends and societal changes into a collection of future color inspirations for automotive surfaces, titled “ACT/9”. The Automotive Color Trends 2019-20 offer a global overview with regional insight. One of the central, global observations is the positive commitment towards future challenges, especially the handling of digitalization. People are open to using digital support and see it as a natural part of life. Designers also observed an increasing desire to make essential changes.

A selection of automotive colors from EMEA, North America and Asia Pacific.

Regional differences

On the regional level, technological and societal trends vary, which is reflected in the different colors.


One of the central observations in the region of EMEA is the exploration of human needs in the context of increasingly automated mobility. Therefore, a selection of colors in EMEA are characterized by an artificial look without effects.

Parolis Purple – a key color from EMEA

North America

On one hand, there is still an ongoing fascination with technology in the region of North America. Conversely, there is a novel approach to ownership and co-creation. This results in a more pronounced, flip-flop effect in varying hues. This implies an understanding of human interactions with machines.

Conflation Green – a key color from North America

Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, two mentalities meet. While the technology-friendly mindset in Asia Pacific favors bright floating colors such as silky, neutral metallics and blues with a slight color shift, the more emotional face of future automotive technology is revealed in dark, raw vital colors.

Fluid Metal – a key color from Asia Pacific

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