CathoGuard® 800: Serious Throwpower for All the Nooks and Crannies

Coverage is an important aspect when painting a car, but all of the intricacies such as hidden spaces and cavities make it difficult.  It is especially challenging, but crucial, to achieve equal coverage throughout.

Our product,  CathoGuard 800, coats the body of the car more evenly and produces a more homogenous thickness than other e-coating technologies.  This helps saves automakers material, money and time and also means fewer touchups on the body.

The rinse zone of the Cathoguard e-coating process. The rinse zone of the Cathoguard e-coating process.

"CathoGuard 800 has an exceptional throw power. When put to the test, the coating is applied more evenly than competitor brands," said Kevin Schock, e-coatings senior development specialist. "This results in ~ a 25 percent savings in material and therefore, significant cost reduction for our customers."

The enhanced properties of CathoGuard 800 allow deposition in far recesses and interior cavities of the electrically charged body, where the positively charged paint attracts to the negatively charged metal more effectively.  This allows for better protection of the vehicle against corrosion, chipping and rust.

This product is the leading electro-coating technology on the market today and coats all the nooks and crannies on the vehicle body.  Since its inception in 1980, CathoGuard® has been known for its exceptional edge protection, flow and throwing power.

In addition, this tin-free, lead-free and low solvent product is environmentally friendly and produced without any heavy metals.

We are already looking toward future  innovations that improve the e-coating process and the CathoGuard brand, such as reducing the heat of the oven or the time it takes to cure the coating prior to the primer stage of the paint application.