E-coating for the Win - Again

The electrocoat is a crucial component of the automotive coating process, helping the paint stick and protecting against corrosion. But not all e-coats are created equal.

PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented BASF with a best supplier award for its CathoGuard® 800 cathodic e-coating, an innovative technology used on the production of 500,000 PSA Group vehicles per year. Among the benefits CathoGuard 800 offers, its cost saving potential is highly regarded by the PSA Group.

"We have been able to save over 10 percent in materials and energy by using CathoGuard 800 for cathodic e-coating," said Frédéric Delbecque, account manager PSA at BASF. "There is less need for rework, owing to uniform application of the corrosion protection layer and its high quality. This accelerates the production process. The perfectly smooth surface meets the requirements of our customers in the automotive sector."

Other added benefits associated with CathoGuard 800 include:

  • Environmentally friendly - the product is tin-free, lead free and a low-solvent solution
  • Exceptional throw power - it coats the body of the car more evenly and produces a more homogenous thickness
  • Easily integrated - this technology is suitable for integrated painting process that dispense with primer application

It's not just the PSA Group that is taking advantage of the automotive coating benefits of Cathoguard. General Motors uses Cathoguard 800 in many of its plants throughout the world. And Volvo also has made the switch in its truck and bus production.

Don't just take their word for it. Learn more about BASF's cathodic e-coating process.