Not Your Everyday Leather: The Allure of Tomorrow's Car Interiors

Individuals have an emotional attraction to their vehicle and its design essence. The car is often a vehicle for creating memories: a first kiss with a new love, a baby's first car ride home or a road trip to land untouched.

Because the car can be such an important space, motorists are starting to pine for customization and personalization. While it hasn't fully surfaced in the market yet, it is coming. This involvement in the design process will only help intensify the emotional relationship between drivers and their vehicles.

The interior, in particular, should play a seamless role in this emotional journey. Carmakers have to deliver the perfect balance of design and technology with impressive functionality, visual and tactile properties.

Heidrun Goth, head of valure™ Global Marketing and Technologyu, and Jürgen Hermann, an employee in the valure Laboratory, assess the structure and design of the coated carrier material.
Heidrun Goth, head of valure™ Global Marketing and Technology, and Jürgen Hermann, an employee in the valure Laboratory, assess the structure and design of the coated carrier material.

BASF has created a new, entirely unique and exclusive material to elicit such a response for drivers, while maintaining the performance and durability standards they have come to expect.

With one look and a single touch, it is clear this surface is different than anything you have experienced before. valure™ is a technology used to create unique surfaces that are soft to the touch, yet durable.

The perfect combination of value and allure.

valure can help create a new, reimagined interior. It offers flexibility and freedom of design, allowing you to craft customized surface finishes and efficiently manufacture them. Virtually any type of texture can be achieved through the use of this solution - whether it's leather grade, velvet effects or even something entirely from a designer's imagination.

Pictured above is one sample of the many options that this customizable material, valure, could look like.

Pictured above is just one possibility of how valure could appear in the vehicle.

The look and feel of these unique surfaces will offer a heightened sensory experience for drivers and passengers.

Plus, the speed at which these designs and surfaces can be created allows you to anticipate customer trends and make them a reality in your vehicles quickly.

This material also will be used in the fashion, packaging and furniture industry. It won't be long before customers can match their shoes or handbag to their fully customized vehicle interior.

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