Finding Efficiencies in the Repair Shop Industry

There are two parts to my job at BASF - the first is building relationships with OEMs, the second is building relationships with collision industry peers. In my case, those peers are automotive repair and collision business owners.  The key industry players that interact with these businesses are suppliers and manufacturers, trade associations, government agencies and insurance companies.

Overall, I think these relationships help increase the overall profitability of the industry.

I work with insurers and body shops to increase collaboration and help create accurate repair estimates, especially as changes in the body and paint type drive up complexity. I frequently discuss process with the information providers that develop software to estimate the specifics of a repair and provide recommendations to repairers and insurers.  About 80 percent of all body shop repairs are covered by insurance so communication between the two is vital to the success of both!

It's my job to regularly communicate with each stakeholder at these various organizations to keep everyone informed in the intricacies of correctly and safely painting vehicles and components through the changing landscape of new vehicle body types and increased environmental regulations.

Overall, I think these relationships help increase the overall profitability of the industry.

We also offer cost-saving solutions and lessons-learned for identifying efficiencies in the body shops by providing techniques training on-site or at one of our brick and mortar locations.

One of the best resources I have at my fingers tips is industry conferences, like the one I will be attending next week - Collision Industry Conference on April 8-9. From these, I am able to gauge the hot topics of conversation, present new shop efficiencies and share the information outwardly with our colleagues.

Beyond this, I'm particularly interested in attracting new talent to the auto repair business. We provide training, financial support and education to people breaking into the business. I'm also proud to say that BASF helps fund paint systems at vocational schools with a focus on automotive repair to increase interest among young people through their educational accessibility.

Every day I try to be an advocate for the repair industry. This direct relationship with my colleagues leads to the betterment of the overall industry which is a good thing for everybody involved.

Joseph Skurka
Joseph Skurka OEM and Industry Relations Manager at BASF