iGloss Keeps Cars Looking Shiny and New

There is a running rumor at SAE World Congress that many of the technologies presented never make it to the showroom of the dealership.  In this case, we are the exception to the rule.

Everyone loves a clean, shiny car but unfortunately the car wash can create micro-scratches that can cause the finish to look dull and unattractive. Our goal was to develop a technology that preserved the "new car look" keeping the brilliant gloss and high shine for longer.

iGloss has a significantly higher scratch resistance than a conventional clear coat and does so without sacrificing other important elements such as protection against the environment and the potential for chipping.

The scratch resistant property is created through the high cross linking density achieved by the combination of organic and inorganic chemistry. The chemistry is uniform throughout the layers so not only does it have higher scratch resistance than the conventional coating to begin with, but it also maintains those properties for a longer period of time.

[caption id="attachment_961" align="aligncenter" width="300"]iGloss measurement graph Graph demonstrating the lasting scratch resistance that iGloss clear coat offers[/caption]

Key advantages of this technology are:

  • Significantly higher scratch resistance that lasts longer than traditional clear coats.
  • Durable against the effects of weather - gloss often begins to chip because of its brittle nature but the chemistry of this coating is more resistant to weathering.
  • Can be used with high bake or low bake temperatures - this is important when it comes to coating the plastic parts of the vehicle and meeting more stringent regulations of the future.
  • Less cooling time and more packaging stability - this clear coat only requires 15 minutes to cool before it can be packaged without leaving a footprint.

To learn more about iGloss, check out this video -