Integrated Process for Automotive Paint Procedures

Launched in 1996 while working with Mercedes, our "Integrated Process" streamlines the automotive paint process. It serves as our general coatings philosophy and helps automakers save costs and improve environmental standards when painting vehicles.

"Each of our customers relates to this process differently, so we have different iterations to meet their needs," said John Fatura, coatings technical manager. "We like to work with our OEM partners to determine what sustainable, automotive paint processes will work best in both their current and new facilities while meeting the demands they have in terms of operational costs and environmental standards."

Traditional automotive paint process

With traditional automotive paint lines, after E-coat the process includes:

  1. Application of the primer
    • the first spray coat applied to the car, which provided durability and allows the adhesion of the paint itself
  2. Primer bake
  3. Application of the basecoat
    • the second coat of paint, which gives the car its color
  4. Heated flash
  5. Application of the clear coat
    • the top layer, which provides the gloss and durability
  6. Final topcoat bake  

Simplifying paint jobs with Integrated Process 

One iteration of the Integrated Process deletes the bake phase after the primer is applied, making it a three-coat, one-bake process vs. the traditional process of three coats and two bakes. This automotive paint system offers customers significant advantages in both time savings and cost reductions because it eliminates one of the steps of the painting process without any compromise to the quality of the color or the final result.

BASF was the first-to-market with an automotive paint process like this, and a number of OEMs are using our integrated process today.

"The key is also to have quality people with real know-how that understand the unique needs of our customers' automotive paint shops," added Fatura.

As automakers continue to optimize their paint shops, we plan to work hand-in-hand to create new innovations and processes.