Local Expertise Leads to BASF's Latest Automotive Refinish Paint

Local knowledge backed by global expertise - this is one of the advantages BASF offers its coating customers.

Recently, this approach led to the creation of a new brand, NORBIN®, which is a competitively-priced product offering consistent quality for automotive repair and refinishing professionals.

But unlike most standard paint lines, Norbin is specifically tailored to the market where it will be sold. Through in-depth market analysis, as well as the local expertise of the team on the ground, BASF determines the right portfolio of Norbin products to roll out globally. For example, in the U.S. market, the brand includes cost efficient clear coats and primers. But in Mexico, BASF experts found that the refinish market was in need of a less expensive color option. Therefore, different components of the paint line were introduced, offering paint distributors and body shop owners 13 single stage colors that can be intermixed to expertly create each necessary color.

BASF_Automotive Refinish Paint_Norbin_Mexico

"The launch of the tailored Norbin line in Mexico reflects our commitment to that market," said Gordon Erdelean, BASF Market Segment Manager for Norbin. "Body shop owners can get the color they need at a price point they can afford, and they have peace of mind because it's manufactured by BASF, meeting rigid quality control standards."

Across the board, the launch of Norbin has been well received by customers who have shared how well the product sprays and how pleased they are with the final vehicle aesthetic. And, during competitive spray outs with other economy products, this line offered good coverage and required fewer coats to get the job done.

The BASF Coatings Division is committed to identifying the unique characteristics and needs of each of the markets it serves. By keeping an 'ear to the ground' in Mexico, the company identified and eventually rolled out a new line that offers both beauty and affordability for body shop owners throughout the region.

To learn more, visit http://www.norbin-paint.com.