Showing Tesla Our Pearly Whites

Mark Duchesne, director of manufacturing for Tesla Motors, discusses how we helped the electric car maker find an alternative solution to help meet the company's requirements for a pearl white car at a reduced cost.

"BASF has been a terrific partner in every request we have made to push the envelope," says Duchesne. "BASF works endlessly with our designers to get just the right color ... we have a very specific look we go after and BASF works hand in hand in every one of those colors to make it exactly what we are looking for."

Tesla already had an onsite paint shop. Looking to minimize costs, they wanted to find a solution where they could use the existing facility and equipment, while maintaining their desired color quality and preferences. We were able to achieve the desired look and feel by adding a white color to the adhesion promoter. The solution enables them to apply primer and adhesion promoter at the same time and achieve the pearl white color.

Check out the video for more information.