Smart forvision Series: Glowing Hexagons Are Efficient Lighting Option

The smart forvision car is stock full of world-premiere products. The glowing hexagon interior lights are no exception.

These hexagons contain Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology that can easily be integrated into car roofs.  The OLED lights provide an interesting, amiable feature for the driver.  When turned on, they provide interior light, but when switched off, the light becomes transparent allowing sunlight to penetrate the vehicle.

"We are really at a point where we can make a difference, contribute to society and give an answer to one of the key questions," says Dr. Görth.

These OLEDs could be used alone or be combined with equally transparent solar cells to achieve a comfortable passenger experience and an even more energy efficient ride as featured in the smart forvision concept car.

"This combination allows the driver to enjoy a unique open-space feeling while it generates electricity during the day and pleasantly suffuses the interior with the warm light of transparent, highly efficient OLEDs at night," said Dr. Felix Görth, head of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaics at BASF Future Business GmbH.

The technology that makes this possible is the blue light-emitting layer that transforms energy into light within the glass in an efficient manner.

"We have to be more efficient and we have one of the potential key answers to that issue," says Dr. Görth. "We are really at a point where we can make a difference, contribute to society and give an answer to one of the key questions."

These lights were created in partnership with Royal Phillips Electronics. We were able to develop the organo-chemical materials such as the dyes that are used in the development and manufacturing of OLEDs by Phillips.

Check out the video for more information.

About smart forvision-

This concept car was a collaboration between BASF and smart, the automotive manufacturer.  It is designed to mitigate the largest challenges facing the automotive industry today- light weighting, energy efficiency and temperature management. This car features many innovative BASF technologies that address these challenges.