Sustainable Development influences BASF’s business operations on three levels: it minimizes risk, boosts business and helps generate new business. Sustainable Development is a basic requirement for long-term success for us and for our customers.

As part of the education process for the employees and other stakeholders of BASF, we define the concept of Sustainable Development as follows:

BASF embraces Sustainable Development as a core strategic guideline because it balances economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility.

As an integral component of our decision-making process, Sustainable Development:

  • drives innovations in chemistry that improve the quality of life
  • presents market opportunities for eco-efficient products and practices that result in long-term profitable performance
  • promotes the utilization of natural resources in a way that meets the needs of the present while ensuring that the needs of future generations are met.

This includes helping make mobility cleaner and safer, without compromising performance. With our innovative products and solutions, we are helping the automotive industry grow, while simultaneously protecting the environment. One way we are improving the ecological impact of cars is with our lightweight plastic materials and fuel additives that reduce emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. We also develop materials that give electric car batteries a higher energy capacity to ensure that e-mobility is becoming a more attractive and efficient way to travel. With our integrated coating process, we enable carmakers to cut out an entire coating step without compromising the color result or the properties of the coating. This saves time, materials and energy. Moreover, our catalyst technologies meet the toughest emission control regulations and provide for cleaner air.

BASF is committed to shaping a sustainable future for its stakeholders.

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